Don't forget to close the door on your way out.

haha, brb, bout to do this at beverly center

where were you when you first heard this beat?

and now back to our regularly scheduled programming. 

There needs to be a hood version of Dan Bilzerian that goes around balling out doing ratchet shit. His name would be D’an Trillzerian

Burn-in time.

Burn-in time.

East Borough - Culver City, ca

East Borough - Culver City, ca

too fly. homie did his thang!


again, i don’t know where i find these things. they find me. 

a few select highlights at the times below. 

0:38, 2:23, 2:45, 4:07, 4:43, 5:40-the end

dont ask me where i find this shit, i don’t know either.

one of those classic scenes that becomes a place marker in your lifetime. i.e. your life before watching ace come out of a rhino’s butt, vs. your life after watching ace come out of a rhino’s butt.