Don't forget to close the door on your way out.


this could be us but u playin

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cause we hongry!!!

cause we hongry!!!

A man walks backwards through Tokyo, played in reverse.

Had to take it back to the south one time.

Makin Easy Money Pimpin Hoes In Style

The best example of friendship is a winning dice table. The worst example of friendship is a losing dice table.
— yo eleven

did this dude just did this?

kinda goes tho.

bonus track




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skull rock

skull rock

82 Barcade

So I ventured down to the arts district last Thursday for a meeting at the new 82 Barcade. Upon entering, I found the normal arts district/downtown demo. Alternative apparel hoodies, raw denim, nerd glasses, v necks, toms/converse/vans, etc. Not to worry, 82 has all your standard accoutrement of vintage cabinets and pinball machines.  


the food truck, a staple of hipster hangouts since 2008imageimage

lucky signimage

get over here!image

Haven’t seen the paperboy in a whileimage

Ninja Turtles, Xmen, The Simpsons. THEY’RE ALL THE SAME GAME!!!! I feel like I’m taking crazy pills!!!!!!!image

He’s almost on fireimage

games in the 80’s fucking sucked dick! you know how many hours i wasted in front of the computer playing this crap. just seeing the logo made me want to punch the screen. image

This game sucked dick too.image

As did this one.image

This one not as much. image

Come see me on some Kong, Eminem!!!!image

They projected live game play of the street fighter cabinet above the bar so that everyone can see that you’re a button masher. imageimage


Bonus pic’s of my car’s cousin. Dat kouki front end tho….imageimageimage


the queen boss, diana rawse!!

the queen boss, diana rawse!!


13 years ago today Aaliyah released the first single We Need a Resolution from her self-titled third album

how can you hate on that?

que bello!

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